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PathWay USA was established by South African-born Irish citizen (now US Citizen), Dianne Ennis Stewart of Charlotte, NC to assist individuals and families to move to the United States successfully.

PathWay USA provides a service to enable new immigrants to the country, understand and navigate the complexities of life in America.

Other "relocation providers" during the moving process can only do so much and don't provide the nuances that make for a smooth transition into a new society that is somewhat different to what you have been used to.

PathWay USA has the expertise and professional know-how to assist individuals and families with every aspect of their move. Principal Consultant Dianne Stewart launched and has managed the non-profit "South Africans in Charlotte" website, facebook group and club for the past 18 years.

With this experience has come a deep understanding of what it takes to move to a new country and she has learned some valuable personal lessons from many South African families that have moved to the South Eastern part of the US over the last 18 years, including her own.

PathWay USA has assembled the most reputable professionals they could find to assist newcomers to the country.  All aspects of the moving process, and the needs that have to be met for Expat's, have been researched.

PathWay USA has found a top-notch group of providers and vendors for the services that Expat's need when they arrive, who have been carefully selected and tested for their superior service and understanding of working with immigrants.

PathWay USA is part of BSA Public Relations & Marketing (Founded in 1988), a consultancy firm working with new and existing businesses to promote and advertise their services and organizations.

PathWay USA Founder and Principal Consultant
ExPat South African/Irish citizen &
Citizen of the United States. 
PathWay USA Consultant
ExPat South African/Irish citizen & 
Citizen of the United States.


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Relocating to a new country like the USA can be a minefield of choices and decisions. PathWay USA takes the angst out of these important decisions ...
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