Getting Started in the US

We will help you with:

  • Selecting the right location and environment to live in, the US
  • Understanding and establishing a Credit Score history and how important it is to your financial wellbeing in the US.
  • Getting a Social Security number / card, without which you can do nothing!
  • Getting a drivers license and understanding the US driving laws.
  • Buying a car without being ripped off.
  • Getting car insurance at a reasonable rate for a first time driver in the US.
  • Opening bank accounts and which banks to choose and why.
  • Buying health care insurance and explaining the Affordable Care Act of 2014.
  • Where to go if you or your child is sick after hours, and it's not a medical emergency warranting a 911 call.
  • How to buy a home phone and a cell phone.
  • How to get cable TV / Satellite and an Internet service.
  • How to connect your Utilities and Services.
  • Acquiring credit cards and how to use them correctly to benefit your credit score.
  • Advice on specialized schooling for your children if required.
  • Shopping tips and retailers for the best deals.
  • Extra mural and sporting activities for your children & family.
  • Family and individual counseling for the tough emotional times.
  • How to integrate into the American way of life.
  • Where to find a Place of Worship.
  • How to plug into the community and be an active part of it.

We can help you!

Relocating to a new country like the USA can be a minefield of choices and decisions. PathWay USA takes the angst out of these important decisions ...
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