PathwayUSA Relocation Seminars : Pre-Qualification Questionnaire

PathwayUSA Relocation Meetings : Pre-Qualification Questionnaire

Thank you for your interest in PathwayUSA for your USA relocation needs and in meeting with our USA Relocation Consultants in October & November 2019. To schedule your 2-hour Personalized Concierge 1-on-1 Relocation Educational Workshop to learn about and discuss relocation options and strategies, or to schedule a phone-call consultation with us, please complete this questionnaire as fully as possible and submit it to us so we can do an initial evaluation in preparation for a meeting with you. Upon receipt we will contact you to arrange a date and location for your workshop or phone-call. In addition to the larger cities, we are also available to visit smaller country towns if needed.

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[Important Note : Any information provided will be treated as strictly confidential]

Thank you for your interest in PathwayUSA for your USA relocation needs and in meeting with our USA Relocation Consultants.  As you may know, there are three main routes into the USA - investment-based, employment-based and family-based visas. Some visas are immigrant visas (i.e. EB-5) which get you a "Green-Card" and some are temporary non-immigrant employment-based visas. To enable us to respond with appropriate information to best suit your needs, we need to know a little more about you. Please complete this questionnaire as fully as possible and submit it to us in order that we may plan a Relocation Strategy for discussion when we have our WhatsApp or Zoom meeting.

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First Name *
Last Name *
Spouse's First Name *
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Email Address *
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Ages of your children if U-21 *


Residential City/Town & Province (if on a farm, your nearest City/Town & Province) *

FINANCIAL DETAILS (required for EB-5 investor Green-card)

Do you have a net worth in excess of US$500,000? *
If YES, are you able to invest US$500,000 for 5 to 6 years in an EB-5 Regional Center Project in order to get Green-Cards for yourself and your nuclear family (i.e. your spouse and U-21 children)? *


Do you or your spouse have an advanced degree such as a Master's or Doctorate? *
If YES, what advanced degree(s) do you or your spouse have? (Include discipline) *
Have you or your spouse received any industry / national / international awards for the work you do, such as patents, registered designs, copyrights, professional awards? *
Have you or your spouse been "published" for the work you do? Such as professional recognition through publicity articles or news-items in the media, professional speaking engagements or professional appearances? *
Do you or your spouse have any university lecturing experience? *

EMPLOYMENT-BASED & FAMILY-BASED VISAS : If the EB-5 Investor Green-Card is not an option for you, there may be other visa options within the Employment-based and Family Reunification visas that are worth exploring.

Do you or your spouse have a Bachelor's Degree in the field of Science, Technology, Engineering or Math? *
Do you or your spouse have at least 12 years working experience in the field of science, technology, engineering or math? *
Do you or your spouse work for a company that has an Affiliate, Parent or Subsidiary in the USA? *
If you answered YES, do you hold a managerial position AND do you manage at least 10-15 subordinate skilled workers? *
Has the USA Affiliate, Parent or Subsidiary offered you or your spouse a managerial position within the USA entity where you will manage at least 10-15 subordinate skilled workers? *
Do you have US Citizen adult (O-21) children living in the USA? *
Have you ever been denied a visa to travel to the USA? *
Do you want to meet with our relocation specialists in JNB, DUR or CPT during August 2019? *
If YES, please describe briefly why you want to meet with us and what visa you are interested in. *

Thank you for completing this questionnaire. If you have any questions about this questionnaire, you are welcome to WhatsApp us on 1.704.451.0525 between the hours of 3pm and 10pm SAST.

NOTE : We will be in South Africa and available to meet with you during August, 2019. (JNB : Aug 2-5, DUR : Aug 6-8, CPT : Aug 9-12, other cities by appointment). Our SA WhatsApp number is (after August 1, 2019).  Meetings are by appointment only.

 Ons wardeer u tyd en kyk uit om u persoonlik te ontmoet.

 Regards / Groete

 Dr Bruce W  Stewart

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