PathwayUSA Client Questionnaire

PathwayUSA Client Questionnaire

Thank you for your interest in PathwayUSA for your relocation needs and in talking with our USA Relocation Consultants to learn about relocation options and strategies. Please complete this questionnaire as fully as possible to enable us to assess your options. PLEASE NOTE : this questionnaire is designed solely to enable us to identify which visas we should focus on and which visas we should exclude from our discussions. The questionnaire is NOT to encourage you to self-evaluate your chances of qualifying for a visa. Accordingly, answering NO to many of the questions should not be construed as not qualifying for a visa at all.

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FINANCIAL DETAILS (required for EB-5 investor Green-card)

Do you have a net worth in excess of US$900,000? *
If YES, are you able to invest US$500K - US$900k for 5 to 8 years in an EB-5 Regional Center Project in order to get Green-Cards for yourself and your nuclear family (i.e. your spouse and U-21 children)? *


Do you or your spouse have a Master's or Doctorate university degree? *
If YES, what Master's or Doctorate degree(s) do you or your spouse have? (Include discipline) *
Have you or your spouse received any industry / national / international awards for the work you do, such as patents, registered designs, copyrights, professional awards? *
Have you or your spouse been "published" for the work you do? Such as professional recognition through publicity articles or news-items in the media, professional speaking engagements or professional appearances? *
Do you or your spouse have any university lecturing experience? *


Do you or your spouse have a Bachelor's Degree with Honors in the field of Science, Technology, Engineering or Math? *
If YES, what Science, Technology, Engineering or Math (STEM) degree(s) do you or your spouse have? *
Do you or your spouse have at least 12 years working experience in the field of science, technology, engineering or math? *
Do you or your spouse work for a company that has an Affiliate, Parent or Subsidiary in the USA? *
Do you currently hold a managerial position in your company AND manage at least 10-15 subordinate skilled workers? OR Do you currently hold an executive position in your company AND make executive-level decisions? *
Has the USA Affiliate, Parent or Subsidiary offered you or your spouse a managerial position within the USA entity where you will manage at least 10-15 subordinate skilled workers? OR an executive position where you will make executive-level decisions? *
Is your company thinking about opening a branch in the USA and transfering you to start-up and manage this branch? *
Do you have adult (O-21) children living in the USA who are US Citizen(s)? *
Do you have a valid tourist visa to visit the USA? *
Have you ever been denied a visa to travel to the USA? *
Have you ever overstayed the validity of a US visa? *
Which of the following consultations are you interested in? *
Is it okay for us to call or text you in response to this questionnaire? *
If YES, is there any particular aspect of the relocation process that you want us to prioritize in the consultation workshop? *
How desperate are you to relocate to the USA? *
Are you willing to accept unskilled or semi-skilled employment for 12-18 months if this secures Green Cards for you, your spouse and U-21 children? *

Thank you for completing this PathwayUSA Client Questionnaire. If you have any questions about this questionnaire, you are welcome to WhatsApp us on 1.704.451.0525 between the hours of 8am and 8pm EST.

Our SA mobile number is 076.210.4396.  If we don't answer the SA phone, please WhatsApp us on or 1.704.451.0525. In-person and Zoom Workshops are by appointment only.

 Ons wardeer u tyd en kyk uit om u persoonlik te ontmoet.

 Regards / Groete

 Dr Bruce W  Stewart

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